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A Member Success Story- Mary Jackson 
A Member Success-- The Story of Mary Jackson
Mary Jackson is just one of our many success stories here at Enhancing Health, where people really are able to lose the weight they need, and achieve the healthy lifestyle and level of fitness they so very much want.  She was the winner of one of our "Biggest Winner" contests--  as she lost the most weight.  You can read about Mary's success story in detail by clicking the link above--  and more than that, you can be one of our many success stories by joining Enhancing Health and letting our experienced staff work with you to achieve your desired health, wellness, and fitness goals.

"I have been a member of Enhancing Health for 6 months. As a tennis professional I spend many long and exhausting hours on the court. I have found since training with Steve that my flexibility, endurance and energy level has increased substantially! One of the key things that I have learned from Steve is the importance of daily stretching. I highly recommend personal training for anybody."

        - Andrea Taylor

"I have been working out at Enhancing Health for 3 1/2 months. I do cardio 6 days a week and the weight training circuit 3 days a week. Not only do I feel incredible-I have lost 30lbs!!! It is very motivating to see the definition of my muscles. I love coming to the gym because of all the friends I have made here. We are always laughing and having a good time while we are working out. I actually look forward to coming to the gym! That is what makes Enhancing Health so special to me. I wouldn't want to work out anywhere else."

        - Jennifer McDonald

"Working with Steve as my personal trainer has been motivating and a source of support in achieving my fitness goals. Through his sessions and cardio work, I have lost 5% body fat in 3 months. This past week I was in Destin, Florida and for the first time in my life I did not feel inferior while walking on the beach. I am amazed at my accomplishments!!! Without Enhancing Health it would not have happened. What a great feeling. Enhancing Health..YOU ROCK!"

        - Tommy Armstrong

"I did not realize how easy it was to improve my health until I hired Steve as my personal trainer. With his knowledge and guidance I have never felt or looked better."

        -Pat L.

"I have been working with Steve three days a week for the past three years. In June of 2001 I had emergency surgery for a perforated colon, a frequently fatal condition. The surgeon told me that I had not been in such good physical condition I would not have survived. I can say with conviction that I owe my life to Steve and his fitness program."

        -Sandy F.

"It’s been my pleasure to know Steve Collett of Enhancing Health for nine years. He is knowledgeable, sincere and dedicated to his profession. Those qualities have helped me to meet my goals. Over the last twelve months I have lost 37 pounds. Steve has been able to provide a well-rounded program of exercise, nutrition and massage therapy for me."
        -Fern M. (St. Ives Country Club)
Member Spotlight 

Joining Enhancing Health has been a great thing for me. Just 3 to 4 short sessions a week, since February I've lost 34 pounds (or 16% of total weight, 219-34 =185 lbs ), am stronger and more flexible, and feel like I'm healthier than ever. Steve started me on a program, and thanks to a great facility and equipment, and a friendly and encouraging staff, I looked forward to my sessions every week as I gradually felt better and better. It's been a great place for me as I continually becoming healthier. Joining and attending EH has changed my life. Give it a try and you'll like yourself and the results... and it helped my golf game too!

        - Mr. Jim Craft

"Steve Collett is the consummate professional exercise physiologist. He has shared his skills with me: the form and function of exercise, correct use of weights, cardiovascular enhancement with an emphasis on endurance, the use of balancing techniques and how to stretch correctly. He exhibits integrity, honesty and commitment to his clients. I know that I am in better physical shape because of Steve Collett."

        -Joel M. (St. Ives Country Club)

"We never liked the large, loud gyms. Enhancing Health provides us a convenient and well equipped facility and its friendly knowledgeable staff actually helped us accomplish our specific goals. We highly recommend them to anyone needing some professional guidance for a healthier lifestyle."

        -Residents of St. Ives Country Club

Duluth GA 30096

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